Professional Digital Dictation

Olympus Digital Dictation

Gramco Business Communications provide digital voice recorders to facilitate dictation services for doctors, medical examiners, general counsel, and other attorneys. Specialized professionals require specialized professional digital products and services. Two solutions Gramco presents are the Olympus DS-5000 and the Olympus DS-5000iD. Gramco can customize solutions for your law firm’s or medical facility’s needs.

Some key features for digital dictation include:

  • Both are flash based recorders
  • Can work with both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Run time is up to 28 hours, has a USB port, and is small and lightweight
  • Data storage capability is up to 200 files
  • The Olympus DS-5000iD is voice activated, and the Olympus DS-5000 performs track marking as part of its edit function.

Slide Switch Operation

Quiet and easy to use four-position slide switch results in high performance, comfort, and increased productivity.

Multi-Function Cradle and Long Memory

Recharges the Ni-MH battery pack, allows hands-free recording, and provides for fast and easy uploading/downloading of data to your PC.

DSS Player Pro Software

A fully featured professional software tool that is simple to use and lets you manage your recordings easily.

Three Programmable Buttons

Customize your own settings to suit your dictation needs with the three programmable buttons.