Digital Audio/Visual Recorders

Gramco provides the professional experience necessary to provide the highest quality recording products on the market today.

Our systems are built on Microsoft Windows operating systems to ensure full compatibility and expansion for many years to come.

Liberty Court Recorder

The Liberty Digital Court Recorder is an audio / video recording program designed to run on a standard personal computer using Windows OS (operating system).

The Liberty Court Recorder can record and playback multiple channels of audio and video. The system also includes bookmark and text notes features that allow tab stops for instant cueing and text to be embedded directly into recording files.

Other key features include:

  • Recording multiple independent video streams
  • Attaching documents to the recording file
  • A real-time alert indicating when the audio volume has fallen below a pre-determined level

The Liberty Court Recorder has been certified by Microsoft on Windows operation systems (OS) starting from Windows XP forward. There is a Liberty Court Player for MAC OS 10.6 and later.

Free Yourself from Tapes

The Liberty Court Recorder is a PC and MAC based audio recording program designed to run on a standard PC or MAC using the Windows™ or MAC operating system.

Multi-Channel Flexibility

Liberty Court Recorder can record from 1 to 32 discrete channels, making it the ideal solution to address the need of small hearings, depositions, courtrooms, or larger meetings and assemblies.

Great Features

Ability to record multiple channels and isolate one, or several channels for playback. Video capture from any standard video feed.

Industry Leader

High Criteria Inc., the developer of Liberty Court Recorder, is a leader in computer-based audio solutions and has been developing solutions for almost ten years.

Liberty Interview Recorder

The Liberty Police Interview Recorder uses standard “Start”, “Stop”, and “Record” buttons. Recorded material is saved onto a single file in the recording system hard drive, and that file may be automatically and simultaneously recorded to a secure file server and saved onto a compact disc (CD) or digital video disc (DVD).

Some of the benefits include:

  • Recordings saved into universal formats for distribution to other agencies (eliminating the need to download proprietary playback software)
  • Remote “Start-Recording” ability from a hardware switch or a remote control
  • Eliminate the need for bulky VHS tapes; no more losing one-off DVDs that are difficult to copy.

Dual Screen Video Recording

The Liberty Interview Recorder can simultaneously record two or more video feeds for the same interview, eliminating the need for the older style picture-in-a-picture (PiP) overlay.

Save Audio / Video Recordings

Liberty Interview Recorder can bookmark multiple cue points to where the operator may instantaneously jump the audio / video playback.

Advanced Features

Support for recording multiple independent camera feeds (not Picture-in-a-Picture). Automatic Gain Control and Noise Reduction for clear audio playback.

Video Distortion

The Liberty Interview Recorder supports the potential to distort the video playback and hide the identity of the interview subject during video playback.