Digital and Interactive Displays

NewLine Interactive Panels

Experience meetings on a display that allows for the whole team to interact without limitations by sharing not only voice and video, but also data and annotation. Take notes on a digital whiteboard with the most comfortable writing experience available on a touch screen and share information all with one button.

SmartMedia Touch Screen Monitors

SmartMedia expands its Multi-touch monitor series by introducing Airon Series Touch Screen monitors. You can choose between different interactive touch monitors: AIRON, CAM, or the SMA Series. SmartMedia interactive, multi-touch monitors are perfect for the classroom and the boardroom. All SmartMedia products come with easy to use software.

SmartMedia Interactive Kiosks

Users can interact with the multi-touch surface intuitively with either their fingers or any stylus device. Installation and setup is very quick and simple.

We have a full range of single-sided and double-sided models of SmartMedia Interactive Kiosks, including indoor, semi-outdoor, and full outdoor kiosks.

Each kiosk can be customized with an Android Player or PC to be used in order to access basic information, select items for purchase, or feature videos highlighting your best products.