About Our Company

“What separates Gramco from the competition is that our products have more features and are easier to use. We are truly dedicated to our customers, and our service is above and beyond.”

Since 1978, Gramco Business Communications has served the entire state of New Jersey with an office centrally located in Clifton, NJ. Our location ensures quick access to New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut.

Gramco proudly provides professional, integrated, and customized solutions to courtrooms, police departments, law firms, classrooms, and just about anywhere our customers require. Primarily, we customize and integrate professional sound and recording systems for our customers. Gramco also provides surveillance and audio/visual solutions.

We are the premier provider of innovative, contemporary, customer-driven solutions to businesses and organizations that demand the latest in recording systems. We are a fully serviced and supported organization, backed by courteous and professional staff members. We are especially known for our legendary service and support.

Our clients include courts, medical examiners, public schools, cities, and townships. We work with businesses and organizations to provide customer-driven products and services. Our collaborative approach means that we don’t just sell products—we listen closely and work with our clients to develop the right solution.

With nearly 40 years of experience developing various recording systems solutions, Gramco strives and continues to demonstrate why we are considered to be the leader in providing the right solution for our customers.

We encourage you to explore our website and welcome you to contact us for all of your business communication needs.