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Since 1978, Gramco Business Communications has proudly designed and integrated professional sound and recording solutions to courtrooms, police interview rooms, law firms and classrooms.


Courtrooms are outfitted by Gramco Business Communications with professional digital recording equipment and state-of-the-art transcribing solutions.

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Police Interview Systems

Members of law enforcement require the best recording solutions to conduct forensic interviews and collaborate with other government agencies seamlessly.

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Professional Services Dictation

Legal and healthcare professionals require specialized knowledge and training in order to perform their specialized tasks effectively.

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Educational Institutions

Gramco configures complete classroom sound reinforcement systems so that a student’s learning environment is enhanced due to an improved acoustic environment.

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Education Institutions

Gramco configures complete and perfect classroom sound reinforcement system so teachers can not only be heard clearly, but students’ learning environment is greatly enhanced due to an improved acoustic environment.

  • Commercial Businesses
  • Recreational

Education Sound and Recording Solutions

Smart Media Touch Monitor

Free Yourself from Tapes

The Liberty Court Recorder is a PC-based audio recording program designed to run on a standard PC using the Windows™ operating system.

Multi-Channel Flexibility

Liberty Court Recorder can record from 1 to 32 discrete channels, making it the ideal solution to address the need of small hearings, depositions, courtrooms or larger meetings and assemblies.

Great features

Ability to record multiple channels and isolate one, or a number of channels for playback. Video capture from any standard video feed.

Industry Leader

High Criteria Inc., the developer of Liberty Court Recorder, is a leader in computer-based audio solutions and has been developing solutions for almost ten years.

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